proscan plt9650g

last updated 2019-09-27

A few years ago, I was given a Proscan PLT650G by a family member to fix. It got itself stuck in a bootloop. I spent some time looking up how to fix it and came up with… nothing. These things are so obscure and generic that there is little to no info on them. Well, a few years later (day of writing this) I decided to give it one last shot to save it from a landfill, and had success! The bootloop in the Proscan PLT650G is solvable, but not in a great way. You’re gonna need to reinstall the firmware for your tablet, losing your data in the process. Allegedly you can back it the partitions (with a link I provide later) but I haven’t tried it myself.

For future online searching, you’ll have better luck searching by its main chip, the “RockChip RK3126”

Firmware Reflash

Everything you need is in this fairly sketchy zip, which I will eventually mirror on my own site here.

  1. Extract the zhihexing_3126b_5.1_gc0312_f92s_GD_2016049_v1.1.img file and BatchTool folder from that .zip. You’ll need both.

  2. Run RKBatchTool.exe to be greeted with Rockchip Batch Tool v1.8. Apparently it’s RockChip official, but that doesn’t alleviate my worries from all the random exe’s I had to run to find this tool that works.

  3. Press the […] button in the top right and select zhihexing_3126b_5.1_gc0312_f92s_GD_2016049_v1.1.img from earlier.

  4. Power off your tablet. After, hold the ESC button as you plug the USB connected into your computer in.

  5. Your device should appear under Connected Devices as green.

  6. Hit Restore! You’re gonna lose all data from doing this. You might be able to backup first with this guide if you need. I haven’t tried it myself.

Your paperweight has been restored to slightly less than paperweight status.

Bootloader Unlock

Now we need to get into bootloader mode to run a fastboot command to check if our bootloader can be unlocked. This was the least annoying method for me.

There is likely data loss from enabling this. I am unsure if it happens every time, but it reset the system data for me.

  1. Download DriverAssitant_v4.5. Yes, that’s how its spelled. Open it and press Install Driver. Now you’ve got the needed drivers installed.

  2. Go to the Settings app, About Device, then tap Build Number 7 times. Welcome to developer mode!

  3. Scroll down to USB Debugging and enable it.

  4. Connect your tablet to your PC over USB, and allow the USB Debugging notice you get on your screen.

  5. Run adb devices on your computer. You should see your device attached.

  6. Run adb reboot fastboot

  7. Wait until you enter fastboot mode, then enter fastboot oem unlock

  8. After 5 seconds, enter fastboot oem unlock_accept. Your device will reboot, potentially back at factory data.

  9. Use adb to go back into fastboot with adb reboot fastboot

  10. Send fastboot getvar unlocked. If it’s a yes, you’re unlocked!


  1. Reboot into fastboot mode with adb reboot fastboot

  2. Boot into TWRP with fastboot boot TWRP_2.8.7.0_Themed_V1.1.img

  3. Install Magisk