morrowind mods

last updated 2020-12-06

tel sudia - nexusmods

A small Telvanni settlement based around the events of JRP Roleplay.

better ohmes-raht - nexusmods

Adds Better Bodies and Westly heads to Tamriel_Data’s Ohmes-Rahts. This will replace TR Heads Unlocked in the future.

cosmetic amputations - nexusmods

A simple clothing mod that adds gloves that hide various parts of arms. Designed for roleplay. This mod does not change animations (for now). Expect phantom limbs if the character is animated often,

SMITTE OpenMW Patch - nexusmods

A patch for Stros M’Kai in the Third Era that fixes many issues

tr heads unlocked (westly support) - nexusmods

Unlocks vanilla and Westly heads/hairs for use on Tamriel Rebuilt races

westly’s khajiit for tr - nexusmods

Changes TR khajiit models to Westly’s, allowing for Better Bodies support and general improved look.