jrp roleplay - install guide

last updated 2020-05-13


windows install

  1. Unpack TES3MP into a folder named “TES3MP” anywhere you’d like.

  2. Run openmw-wizard.exe and point it to your Morrowind installation, at ‘Morrowind.esm’ under Data Files. This creates our regular OpenMW install.

  3. Navigate to ‘C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\OpenMW’ and create a folder named “Mods”

  4. Now, we create folders for each mod we use in this “Mods” folder. Later, we will tell OpenMW to check all of these folders.

    4a. Open the JRP ESP and BSA 7z file you downloaded before, and extract the contents of both into a folder named “JRP Roleplay”

    4b. Open the Tamriel_Data (HD or vanilla) ZIP file you downloaded before, and contents into a folder named “Tamriel Data”

    4c. Open the Tamriel Rebuilt 7z file you downloaded before, and extract the contents of all its subfolders into a folder named “Tamriel Rebuilt”

5. Navigate to ‘C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\OpenMW’, and open ‘openmw.cfg’ in notepad or another text file editor

6. Search for the following inside of ‘openmw.cfg’:


7. Replace it with the following to allow OpenMW to use Tamriel Rebuilt data:


8. Search for the following in ‘openmw.cfg’. Your Morrowind installation path should be listed after the equals sign in quotations.


9. We now have to specify the location of each of our mod files under this entry so that OpenMW can find them. This can be confusing, so make sure to read carefully.

OpenMW will read each path listed and add the content in top-to-bottom order, allowing us to keep all of our mods separate! We need to make sure each path is directly to the folder containing the .esp, textures, and meshes folder. If the path is to a folder which contains “Data Files”, it will NOT be read.

If you have been following my recommended layout, you simply need to copy-paste the following

Paste the following under the data= line(s), replacing 'USERNAME' with your Windows username:

data="C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\OpenMW\Mods\Tamriel Data\Data Files"
data="C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\OpenMW\Mods\Tamriel Rebuilt"
data="C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\OpenMW\Mods\JRP Roleplay"

Also, if you see any entries like data=data or data-local=”?userdata?data”, remove them. These seem to break things.

10. Verify that your C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\OpenMW\Mods folder contains each required mod in its own folder. Now refer to step 9 again to make sure that your data= lines link to the folders containing the esp!

11. Return to your TES3MP directory, and launch ‘openmw-launcher.exe’

12. At the top of the OpenMW Launcher window, press the icon for “Data Files”

13. Press the drop-down box at the top, and select “Morrowind.esm”

14. Check the checkboxes for the following, with the following load order (which can be changed by dragging the entries)


You now have a working installation of TES3MP that can play on our server! Additionally, you can play with Tamriel Rebuilt content in singleplayer using a separate install of the latest OpenMW with no extra configuration. If you wish to play on another vanilla server, all you have to do is uncheck all the checkboxes besides ‘Tribunal.esm’ and ‘Bloodmoon.esm’