The Matter of Nachis

A knight, he was learned
He was called Talarii
and he was from Pelagiad.
He wrote this story as poetry.

Vecci’s father was proud and airy, he believed his feats to be legendary. Thr’out his fief, he was viewed as a thief! His land was not his, but rather his father’s father’s. He was Nachis of Firstun, the namesake of our hero’s keep.

Oh Nachis of Firstun, thrown in the dungeon!
His son, the thief of his fief!
Nachis in Firstun, abandoned by his son.
The giants came, and banished the tame.

The giants were now felled, so Vecci called Nachis his home. Nachis himself was dead, so the town was his great granson’s instead. Vecci’s lover was still in Firstun, waiting for her first one…

Oh Vecci, where are you?
My love, my Vecci!
I call to your name, in the hopes you call mine!
Aayet is me, and my song is sadly.

Now in Nachis, Vecci was left in stitches. He was now not a knight, priest or even a mite. A peasant was he, stripped down to his knees. To the tower he went, and found new kit.

A corpse on the floor, he was floored!
His Great Grandfather Nachis, plated in armour.
Respects he had given, to his ancestor in the heavens.
Reclaimed what was his, the armour of Nachis.

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