The Matter of Aeyet

A knight, he was learned
He was called Talarii
and he was from Pelagiad.
He wrote this story as poetry.

Aayet cried for ten days and ten nights, for without her love she was left in a stun. Her heart ached, she wailed loudy enough to make her chamber quake. She wished for Vecci, in hopes he would return.

Crying Aayet, why do you mourn?
Lay with me, and I will make you mother
Forget Vecci, long is he dead.
A Duchess you’ll be, if you come with me.

Aayet had fallen for the song, dazed by it. But she did not follow through with it’s prophecies, instead snapping free and jumping from the window. She was certain it was death, but she landed in a raft.

M’lady of the sky, from where did you fall?
Are you alright? You gave us a fright.
Your Knight is gone? Gone? Gone?
Vecci will return, for surely he’s not dead.
The Lover fell into a slumber, inspired by the raftman’s words. She continued to cry, hoping Vecci would hear her from wherever he was. She cried and cried, hoping he had not died.

Missing Vecci, prowl along!
Tell us your song, come be a lord!
Retake your Fief! Kill the Thief!
Your love is strong, but she cannot hold on long…

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