On The Honors Of The Dead, VII

A second danger of sorcerous necromancy is more subtle and known only to the wicked partakers of that art and those like myself who are dedicated to the thwarting of them, that is, the temptation of the wicked beings that call themselves the Ideal Masters. Once mortal necromancers themselves, they ascended to the level of daedra through sorcerous secrets lost to time. While not all daedra are equally malevolent (as Vivec teaches in his sermon on the mace), the Ideal Masters take after the manner of the Four Corners rather than the Anticipations and allow nothing to hinder their pursuit to acquire and consume the souls of mortals. Soul sorcery is, therefore, connected to necromancy proper only inasmuch as they deal with the separated parts of the dead mortal. However, where necromancy proper is merely an extension of the master-slave relationship, soul sorcery is an unnatural abomination, for the souls of mortals (even of outlanders) are not for other mortals to enslave. Such is impossible in life and abominable in death. Supporters of this practice will compare it to the soul-trapping used in common enchantments, but that is far different, for animals have no perception of self, and daedra are worthy of nothing more. The so-called Ideal Masters consider mortal souls to be the best source of ‘food’ possible and tempt mortals with necromantic power in exchange for them. In my studies, I have learned that it is from these beings that the so-called ‘gift’ of abominable lichdom is acquired. It is the novice necromancer who is most tempted by these quick means to power, though they are as often tricked and destroyed by these beings as they are aided in their studies by foul means. Either way, there is nothing to be gained by opening oneself to temptation by these evil beings.

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