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last updated 2021-02-11

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Welcome to JRP Roleplay! We are an inclusive roleplay environment inspired by classic tabletop with the setting of third era TES. Feel free to lounge around in character or pick up a job in the universe of Morrowind.

We use TES3MP and OpenMW to play Morrowind in an open source recreation of its original engine, which not only allows us to play Morrowind and roleplay in real time, but to expand on it using our custom scripts and player created mods. We allow all types of roleplay, you can relax with some friends or run a Great House.



We have a Discord server (link)


Updated on 2019-06-23

  1. No malicious behavior or discrimination is permitted. Any users displaying racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, fascist, etc attitudes will be warned prior to being banned. In-universe discrimination is allowed as per the lore as long as it does not stray to real life politics.

  2. All users have the right to use our set of X-Card commands to express their discomfort with any topic. On use of an X-Card, players should stop roleplaying and discuss a way to continue the scenario without the x’d topic. (Consider it to be an emergency brake for heavy/triggering topics. Upon use, retcon/rewrite as needed and continue roleplaying without said topic being involved further)

  3. We work to encourage a healthy community and environment. If you have any qualms with the administration or other users, please bring them to our attention and they will be discussed. Administration is held at the same expectations as the player base and will not be excused for breaking rules

  4. Keep outside drama out of the community. Do not post negative statements towards other roleplay communities or discuss politics. As long as you act within the rules of the community you are allowed to participate.

  5. Due to the nature of TES and Morrowind, themes of violence, sex, and gore will be present. All players must be 13+ to participate and 18+ to be involved in any sort of scenario involving sexual themes. At no time is a player to involve a minor (fictional or otherwise) in a sexual scenario, as permanent bans and potential action will be taken.

  6. Announcement will be given whenever a rule is changed, added, or reworded. That said, it is ultimately up to the player to display a knowledge of these rules to their most recent update.

  7. All users are required to roleplay cooperatively. This rule contains a lot, but can generally be summed up by the following: consider the game to be a medium for which community roleplay occurs. As such…

    Users may take on as major or minor role in the world as they desire (within reason) and are expected to be open to other players ideas and roleplay. Users who are not familiar with the concept of roleplay are given lenience while they become familiar with the concept. This being said, the administration holds final say on what is accepted on the server.

  8. NSFW imagery is not permitted in chat and the use of trigger warnings (tw; topic) with the following content in Discord’s spoiler tags is to be used for very sensitive topics or upon request.

  9. ERP is permitted provided all players (including witnessing) consent and are over the age of 18. Characters involved in ERP must also be over the age of 18 (due to Canadian law). Any ERP must take place in a locked cell using our housing script. Contact staff if you wish to have one provided.

  10. We are an English community, and can unfortunately only offer an English experience. All players must type in English in-game and in the community areas.

  11. Users are heavily encouraged to keep their number of characters low to encourage character development. The current soft rule is that you can use three characters per day, and have up to five in total. Additionally, users cannot roleplay/play as more than one character at a time through multiple clients (multibox)

  12. Users can own up to two properties per character and up to six in total. If a property is owned by a player who is inactive for two months, they will be alerted via Discord if possible before the property re-enters the market. Contact the administration if you would like special arrangements to be made


All scripts developed for the server are available here. All scripts developed within the community are to be published under free software licenses.

Cells are reset every 6 hours.

Special thanks to the following users for their donations to help keep JRP running!